Who We Are

The remedy for maintaining your skin’s daily hydration was never meant to be life’s greatest challenge. We at Earth 2 Skin have found that remedy in our natural world and brought it into your home. 

We are a flourishing Australian-owned brand based in the Eastern Suburbs of NSW that understands and appreciates the importance of skin health on our overall physical wellbeing and our inner confidence. 

Using natural ingredients extracted from Australian fruits and plants, we boast a skincare regime that is safe, easy and effective. 

We are socially conscious, up-to-date with products on the contemporary market and identify the need to bring onto the stage a brand that can boast a genuine appreciation for Australian flora.

What We Do

Our Mission

Earth 2 Skin exists to introduce Earth’s best into the homes of everyone who wants to achieve optimum skin health the safe and natural way.


What We Believe In

Our Core Value

🌳 Nature’s Way is the Only Way 🌳

There is much to be learnt from our indigenous communities who, for tens of thousands of years, have thrived and survived from what mother earth provided. Their intricate knowledge and understanding of the healing properties found in local plants and flora ensured their ability to flourish into a prosperous, healthy and enduring civilisation. In the modern world, there is room to find inspiration from this and enjoy these benefits in our own daily health practices. 

For our Indigenous peoples, nature’s way was the only way. Today, for all of us, nature is still the only way to achieve our best skin. 

Earth 2 Skin uses ingredients that are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. We took inspiration from our Indigenous Australians and found extracts and botanicals that work effectively on skin to help in maintaining healthy, hydrated and happy skin. We also took out artificial fragrances, sulphates, alcohol and parabens to deliver natural therapies without all the damage that can potentially be caused by these abrasive ingredients. 

Finally, in keeping with our love and respect for the natural world, we aim to keep ecological sustainability and ethical practice at the heart of our brand. Our ingredients are certified cruelty free and vegan. 

We do not want to leave a damaging ecological footprint on our earth. Join us in our value and philosophy. Celebrate the richness of mother earth and immerse yourself in what it can offer us.